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About Julie Stine, Owner A Dream Come True

Julie Stine is a third generation antiques dealer specializing in vintage costume and fine jewelry as well as small antiques such as silver, coins, and collectables. Her love of antiques and collecting began at the age of 8 accompanying family members on their treasure hunts for merchandise and continues to this day. She currently sells at local antiques shows including the prestigious UVS Hillsborough Show, The Alameda Point Antiques Faire, The Pleasanton Street Faire, and The Portland Expo. Julie has sold on eBay since 2005. She sells both her own merchandise and consigned merchandise. She is a Top Rated Seller and Registered Trading Assistant with over 4000 positive feedbacks. She also conducts “Antiques Roadshow” appraisal events for local charities.
Services Offered: Purchase- Fair prices paid for quality items
Sales- shows and eBay
Appraisals- hourly rates apply 
Consignment on eBay – commission percentage
Antiques Show Consignment – commission percentage

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